When it comes to bedding and mattresses, market segmentation is a vital part of our business model, accruing from our accurate market assessment and strategy. We assess our target market’s data like sleeping patterns, health, income brackets, age, location, product type, race, consumer spending index, buying patterns, customer needs, and other classifications.

By defining the terms of our prospective buyers, we are able to give the market what it wants. Our specific segmentation speaks volumes about our customers who are discerning and well-informed. By segmenting our target market more clearly, we know which of our products pose a direct competitive threat and are able to continue to provide the best value and quality for the benefits of consumers.

As a local company, we know fully the tastes and peculiarities of Singaporeans. Hence we segmentize the market into various categories that will fulfill the local market. With SLEEPNIGHT® at mid to high level, Sleepy Night will fulfill the needs of consumers who want the comfort of well-known brand mattresses at about the same cost, but with surpassed material quality in topper, fabrics and spring coils.

We do not compromise on manufacturing costs for our products; we enhance and value-add them. For instance, Sleepy Night mattresses are highly durable, thanks to our coils that are double heated using a special alloy that does not rust. Sleepy Night ensures that sinkage and depression in mattresses are a thing of the past.