Ultimate rest

Ultimate Rest ™ is the best design pocketed spring system available. Each coil flexes independently for more body contour, more durability and less friction. Ultimate Rest ™ collection is more comfortable than normal pocket spring mattress with no border sag or coil feel.


  1. Consistent coil diameter, coil barrel is even and untapered for firm support
  2. 100% working wire, every part of the surface flexes
  3. Coils are more flexible and sensitive to body contours, hence less motion transfer
  4. Smaller coil diameter and honey combed alignment offer greater body contour support and surface coverage than normal pocket spring mattresses
  5. Designed in clipped borders for support right up to the edges
  6. Clipped borders with foam guard at the sides for firmer edge support.

What is it about spring coil that makes it the preferred choice to sleep on? Hooke’s law says, “The power of any spring body is in the same proportion with the extension.” Thus, elasticity was born.