1. Plush Top – Ultimate Pillow Sense™

Pillow Sense™ is a unique, state-of-the-art quilting foam that provides a superior alternative to traditional quilting layers used in ordinary mattress design. Pillow Sense is much softer than other premium foams and much more durable than the highest quality fibre.

Where comfort becomes luxury

Technology enables the manufacturing of Pillow Sense which features a distinctive “open spores” alignment that makes it amazingly soft and cool to the touch. Pillow Sense™ gives your mattress an invigorating, resilient feel instead of the cold, hard matted down feel of fibre. In fact, Pillow Sense is many times more durable as premium one ounce fibre fills.

Pillow Sense™ is incorporated into the mattress as a continuous sheet of foam. That way, it stays where it is, creates a fuller, plusher and loftier quilt without wrinkling or bunching as other fibre does, resulting in a better looking quilt panel with uniformity finish.

A good sleep without frills

Feek the lushness and softness of Pillow Sense™. It’s amazing how soft and durable it is as it beautifully envelopes your body in luxurious, cloud-like comfort that produces quality sleep. The moment you rise, there will be no evidence suggesting that of ever being slept on. Pillow Sense durability allows it to resist body impressions far better than any quality fibre-filled quilting.

Below are the features of Pillow Sense absent in other quilting foams:

  1. Softer, more luxurious, cloud-like comfort
  2. Greater durability and resistance to body impressions
  3. Plusher and invigorating feel to your mattress top

2. Latex – Ultimate Restex™

Ultimate Restex™ stands up to pressure better than fibre. Little wonder this premium mattress material is so popular today. Not only is it made from renewable, eco-friendly rubber, it also comes with a host of benefits: it is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite. This mean you are less likely to suffer from allergic reactions like runny nose when you wake up. (Also, natural latex does not emit harmful emissions into your bedroom.)

Even better, latex is superior to other “green” materials like organic cotton or wool in that it is buoyant and elastic. It lets you roll easily and comfortably in bed at night, but does not pack down over time to become hard. This makes it a good material for those who cannot find sleeping comfort with other materials.

3. Memory Foam – Ultimate Restory™

Memory foam is polyurethane treated for higher viscosity and density. Memory foam reacts to body heat and weight to mould itself to your unique body shape for superior support. This foam quickly returns to its original shape once the pressure and heat is removed. Overall, this material offers great support as well as even distribution of your body weight. This eliminates high-pressure spots and prevents pressure sores.