Sleepy Night

Sleepy Night is one of the premium products carried by Sommeil Terre and one of the most sought-after, value-added mattress products in the global market. Sleepy Night provides comfortable and luxurious bedding products for consumers who are cost-conscious, yet can appreciate a good night’s sleep with their loved ones.

With Sleepy Nights’ wide range of cost-effective mattresses with the latest technology, consumers will be spoilt for choices. Sleepy Night employs spring coil zoning system so as to ensure body contouring which results in maximum comfort.


Coil System

Sleepy Night employs 3, 5 and 7 spring zoning system for its mattresses, resulting in less motion transfer between sleeping partners. Pocketed spring coil with a minimum of 6 convulsions eases the tension of the body and decreases body impressions over time. All our coils are stress tempered in order to provide you many years of wonder sleep.

Marshall Coils (Pocketed Coils)

The Marshall Coils mattresses are used to reduce the sensation of movement on a bed. With a gauge of 12.5 to 15.5, smallest being the firmest, you will be able to find one density that suits you. More than half the consumers surveyed had chosen to buy pocket spring mattress.

Bonnell Coils

Sleepy Night’s Bonnell Coils mattresses are still prevalent in the mid-price range. The Bonnell coils are knotted, round top, hourglass shaped steel wire coil laced together with cross helical to provide maximum support for your body when you sleep.


Sleepy Night Box spring consists of a rigid frame containing extra heavy duty springs with side foam guards to preserve the shape of the mattress for years to come. A high density block foam is added underneath the coils to provide a rigid foundation.

Sleepy Night has successfully integrated the manufacturing of bed frames to close the loop in the bedding industry With an unwavering commitment to quality, Sleepy Night sources around the world for materials that ensure bedframes can stand up to five years warranty in structural damage.

Sleepy Night’s future development in the bedding industry will be in the field of space-saving concept with the convenience of optimising storage space, such as powered mechanism to activate the lids of storage bedframes which, otherwise, can be a chore to lift.

As for mattresses, Sleepy Night will be pioneering the cause for hygiene and odourless mattresss that is relatively as cost-effective as it is comfortable. With a number of brands under its belt, Sleepy Night has emerged as one of the best-sellers from our stable. Over the years, with meticulous planning and business development, Sleepy Night has become a mattress brand that is well-known among Singaporeans and distributed extensively across the globe.

You will definitely find one mattress that is to your liking among Sleepy Night’s range of models. Please visit our showroom to have a try.