The Company

Established in 2010, Sommeil Terre is one of the largest independent bedding manufacturers in South-east Asia, wholly owned by two Singaporean directors. From humble beginnings at a small unit in Kaki Bukit, the company has grown from strength to strength to a sprawling distribution centre of 20,000 square feet in Tampines Business Park. Today, we boast of an integrated manufacturing faciltiy with up-to-date logistics services that ensure a glitch-free supply of mattresses, bedframes and bedding products locally and worldwide.

We use carefully selected timber, coupled with the finest materials and workmanship, to ensure quality and beauty for our demanding clientele of today. As a result of our uncompromising standards on quality and reliability, as well as our cost-effective pricing, our products have successfully entered the retail markets of North America and Western Europe, with distribution channels over there challenging with a wide array of American and European brands. The popularity of our products attest to customer satisfaction for our quality, integrity and pricing.

Our Philosophy

philo1The Sommeil Terre Philosophy is the realisation of the corporate vision, which is to provide all the people around the world with good support for quality sleep so that they can live as enriching and fulfilling a life as possible. Sommeil Terre promotes this philosophy with our segmented range of mattresses and bedding with functions that meet and surpass quality requirements. This allows our customers to care for themselves and enjoy the best mattress support that technology has to offer – at a price that they can afford.

Why us?

philo2Because at Sommeil Terre we can turn your life around. Imagine waking up fresh and ready to face the world every morning. Imagine what life could be after a good night’s sleep on a firm mattress. No aching back or shoulders, no stiff joints, no runny nose, just a feeling of total freshness.

Next, see yourself at work, fresh and performing to the best of your capabilities while your colleagues are yawning and massaging their painful backs, not properly rested even after sleep. Wouldn’t that make you stand out from the rest?

Then imagine your health improving. You could look into your reflection in the mirror – a new you, more radiant, younger, less eyebags. You could even feel your body becoming younger and fitter, all thanks to good sleep.

Isn’t this all worth it? And guess what, with Sommeil Terre mattresses, these no longer come with a hefty price, just a value-for-money, affordable one. A mattress is really an investment. It doesn’t just make you feel good for a while, it helps you perform to your max, and keep you healthy with great, restful sleep.

So visit our showroom today. You have a choice. Exercise it.