• This warranty is guaranteed from date of delivery against manufacturing defect in mattress spring system, excluding fabric, leather, metal actions, body impression, wear and tear
  • This warranty is also guaranteed from date of delivery against manufacturing defect in bedframe construction, excluding fabric, leather, metal actions, wear and tear. Bedframe coverage ranges from 6 months to 12 months depending on models
  • This warranty does not cover for display items purchase, FOC items and bed bugs issue
  • This warranty only covers within island of Singapore
  • Online warranty registration enjoys additional 6 months of coverage and it is only applicable for warranty period of 5 years and above. Applicable for mattress only
  • Notice of alleged defects must be given promptly upon discovery and the warranty card must be presented with dated proof of purchase to our service personnel at time of service
  • Warranty is void if mattress or bedframe is found abused, burnt, damaged, stained or misused against the normal and customary manner or in the opinion of service personnel that it is due to excessive wear and tear, and they will not be repaired or replaced
  • Warranty is also void if mattress or bedframe is found to have purchased from unauthorised dealers, including the removal or defaced of any mattress or bedframe label
  • Service visit and repair works are chargeable for defects and damages not under manufacturer’s defects, or out of warranty mattress or bedframe
  • Top up fee is applicable for any replacement of mattress or bedframe at the point of service, based on depreciation over the warranty period and its purchase price
  • Transportation charges are applicable for any replacement or servicing involved
  • Personal judgement on mattress firmness or body impression is not covered under this warranty, and a mattress height loss of 1.5 inch and lower, upon usage is considered normal
  • Warranty also does not cover for damage, defects as a result of fire, flood or other Acts of God
  • Sommeil Terre Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend and update the warranty terms without prior notice

Updated: 17 Oct 2014